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In addition to extensive activity in both solo capacities and his own ensembles, Bill has spent much time working as sideman in bands across a wide spectrum of music.  He has contributed sound to rock bands like Secret Chiefs 3, Kinski, Six Organs of Admittance and Rollerball – jazz ensembles like the Paul Rucker Ensemble, Portable Sanctuary and the Rulon Brown Band and collaborations with a number of singer/songwriters.

Bill has a great deal of experience in the studio and on the road as both bandleader and session musician and has proven to be an asset to many groups.  Whether your music requires reading strict notation or relies on the individual creativity of the musicians with whom you work, Bill’s experience, creativity and flexibility in countless situations will help your music be the best it can be.

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Bill’s unique guitar playing has afforded him the opportunity to work in several media outside music. He has worked in film/video, modern dance, theater, video games and multimedia installation with various production companies, such as Monolith, Scotopia Pictures, M-Body Dance Co., Seattle Art Museum, Central Cinema, Northwest Film Forum and Seattle Festival of Alternative Dance and Improvisation (SFADI).
Bill has extensive experience in a wide variety of media as both a generative artist and in production. He is a valuable asset to any production both in and beyond a musical capacity. Bill is adept in the studio and on the stage so whether you seek recorded music or a live performer, he can help realize your vision.

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