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Solo acoustic

In addition to his numerous artistic pursuits, Bill Horist has been providing acoustic fingerstyle guitar music for weddings, corporate, community and nonprofit events, holiday parties and various other public and private functions. His professionalism, discretion and grasp of many genres has made him an in-demand feature for a wide variety of occasions.

His broad repertoire draws from traditional and modern classical, jazz, secular and religious holiday music, blues, rock and American folk as well as music from Africa, the Middle East, India and Asia. This panoply of styles reflects the Northwest’s strong multicultural identity and makes for unique, fun, and affordable low-impact entertainment for any type of event.

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Acoustic guitar entertainment is a perfect addition to any social event. It provides a large number of possibilities without making demands on space, equipment, electricity and budgets. Additionally, one never feels that they need to talk over or compete with the volume of the music as one might with bands and DJs. When overseeing an event, the last thing a planner needs is to attend to the number of logistical concerns in dealing with costly full bands or DJs that require PAs and other expenditures. With solo guitar, space requirements are small, all sound reinforcement is provided and Bill sets up to play within minutes. There is simply no indoor/outdoor venue that can’t accommodate a solo guitarist.

The Northwest has a long tradition of celebrating live musical entertainment from the Kingsmen, and Jimi Hendrix to the Grunge era and beyond, offering numerous iconic guitarists to the world. By having live guitar music at your event, you help this tradition continue. Additionally, you help support a local, internationally recognized touring and
recording musician to continue creating and presenting valuable original art while providing your guests with an economical and environmentally-friendly live music option.

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Guitar Instruction

Celebrated Seattle-based guitarist Bill Horist has been making music in the Northwest and beyond for over fifteen years. He has worked in many genres both conventional and unconventional from rock and jazz to improvisation and experimental music. Bill has appeared on over 70 recordings as bandleader, solo artist, hired session musician and collaborator with musicians that range from grammy-winners to leading lights in underground and avant-garde music. He has, and continues to tour extensively throughout North America, Mexico, Europe and Japan, performing in venues ranging from small cafes and galleries to theatres and 15,000 seat arenas. His music has appeared in film, modern dance, video games and theater. His solo prepared guitar work has garnered

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an international following and has been lauded by many international and regional periodicals such as Guitar Player Magazine, The Wire, Alternative Press, Seattle PI, The Stranger, Earshot Jazz and Seattle Weekly (who nominated him for Jazz Artist and Guitarist of the Year respectively). Bill has received numerous grants and residencies and continues to record and perform in both solo and band capacities.

As an educator, Bill has taught students of all ages privately for years and has conducted classes and workshops from elementary to university-levels. Some students have received college credit for studying with him. He specializes in beginning and intermediate level guitar instruction in many genres, including rock, jazz and acoustic fingerstyle traditions (from classical to American styles) as well as more experimental forms. Additionally, he works in genres from around the world and creates arrangements of music from India, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. He also teaches approaches to improvisation and fostering the unique creativity of each of his students.

Bill’s years of being an active recording and touring musician come into play as he creates personalized programs that suit both the needs and wants of each student, regardless of age and skill level. Most importantly, Bill makes sure to strike a balance of FUN, WORK and REWARD, thus keeping you engaged and able to see real progress in your musical development. His lessons are available in written, audio or video formats, depending on the abilities and resources of the individual student, in addition to intensive but playful one-on-one instruction. He can also conduct lessons online via skype for students anywhere in the world. Beyond instruction, Bill’s experience has made him an insightful resource for learning about musical gear, recording and live performance.

Whether you would like to simply learn your favorite songs or develop skills and foster your own creative output, Bill can get you on track with instruction that is FUN, REWARDING and uniquely suited to your aspirations. If you are interested in private lessons or setting up a workshop for your school (all grade-levels), or any other venue, contact Bill by filling out the Contact Form.

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Big Box of Sin – Good Face for Radio / Album-Good Face for Radio

Duck Blind – Phineas Gage / Album-Traveling Sideshow

Cascade Cathedral – MMoB / Album-Totem I

Has the Hunt Begun? – Good Face for Radio / Album-Good Face for Radio


Closer – Mische Eddins / Album – Come Unwound

Down – Mische Eddins / Album – Come Unwound

Things Behind the Sun – Bill Horist & Sam Mickens / Album – Poor Boy: Songs of Nick Drake

Pausing Song – Mische Eddins / Album – Come Unwound


It Takes A… – Rulon Brown Band / Album – Vida

Save the Moon – Rulon Brown Band / Album – Vida

Middlebraü – Axolotl – unreleased demo

Tired, Poor Huddled, Free – Rulon Brown Band / Album – Vida

Every Now and Then – Paul Rucker / Album – History of an Apology


The Breath-Width Isthmus – Bill Horist / Album – Covalent Lodge

Dayglo Sexy – Bill Horist / Album – Ball of Wax Audio Quarterly #8

Requiem for Endless Days – Bill Horist / Album – Covalent Lodge