Seattle-based guitarist Bill Horist delivers an idiosyncratic and richly emotive take on the world’s most ubiquitous instrument. He has played on dozens of records and has performed throughout North and Central America, Europe and Japan; collaborating with numerous leading lights in a beguiling range of genres. Perhaps best known for his prepared guitar treatments, his work is widely regarded alongside masters like Fred Frith and Keith Rowe.

He has cultivated a unique voice in a number of styles in the realms of, jazz, rock, folk, and experimental music.

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Horist is also becoming known as a masterful acoustic fingerstyle player in the tradition of Leo Kottke and John Fahey; additionally incorporating elements from Asia, India, the Middle-East and West Africa.

He blends oblique improvisation with driving composition and his work reflects a more refined, dense and aggressive approach; very different but analogous to his innovative electric work. Bill has again forged a unique voice that pays respectful homage but also breaks steadfastly from this very established tradition.

In both solo and ensemble capacities, Bill has received critical praise internationally and has been awarded several grants and residencies. He has created music for dance, film, theater and video games. In addition to a busy performance schedule, he teaches private lessons and conducts classes and workshops from elementary to graduate levels. Both within and without convention, Bill’s diverse work has secured his entrance into “…the pantheon of guitar anti-heroes.” (Alternative Press)


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