Tips on Using Live Band on Your Wedding Day

Wedding live bands can either make or break a wedding celebration. If hiring a live band is one of your entertainment options, make sure you communicate well with the bandleader to avoid wedding entertainment disasters. Situations like these imprint in the mind of the bridal couple even after years of marriage. To avoid these kinds of circumstances, here are some tips on using a wedding live band.

1. Be clear with your choice of music.
Some couples don’t express clearly what kind of music they want on their wedding celebration. They leave all the music planning to the entertainers and end up disappointed because, maybe, the band did not meet their expectations or they just don’t like the type of music the band arranged for them. To avoid these kinds of circumstances, make sure to inform the band as to what kind of music you want to be played. Consider your choice and your spouse’s choice of music. Also, consider your type of guests. By this, you will give the band an idea as to what type of songs should be included in making the playlists.

2. Ask for a Contract
Contracts are your friend. So, if you are planning to invite musicians to perform at your Singapore wedding, get the papers straight to keep you covered in case of unforeseen circumstances with your wedding live band. Contracts can be intimidating but they actually help you in protecting your grounds. Without it, what can stop your hired wedding entertainers from cancelling their appointment with you just because someone offered better price than what you have for them? Signing a contract pledges both sides to responsibly do their duties.

3. Cover Your Grounds
In negotiating with your chosen band, be sure to secure all your grounds. Be specific and make sure to include everything you settled with on the contract. Here are some guide questions you should ask.
• Do you have a song list to follow? Can guests request for a song?
• How long and how many breaks will you take?
• How many performance hours does your rate comprise?
• Will you book another event after our wedding?
• What do you usually wear on wedding events?

4. Dress Code
Specify how you would like the band to dress on your event, and include this on the contract. Some bands dress in attires with same colours to coordinate with your wedding theme, other not. Also, request if they could dress decently upon arrival and in setting up the venue. Request if they could wear decent jeans and collared shirts instead of scruffy trousers and t-shirts.

5. See Them in Action
A famous and well-reputed live band surely have so many gigs. Find time to attend one of your band’s events to see them perform before finally booking them. But if the time won’t permit, you can always check out whiteribbon video performances from their events around Singapore. This is a highly recommended wedding planning step to do, so you’d know what to expect from your wedding entertainers.

6. Feed Them
On the actual day, the band usually sets up early, perform for hours and pack up after everyone has departed the place. Because of the long evening work, they’ll surely get hungry and thirsty. Feed your performers for a better performance. The band doesn’t need your buffet meals. They just need something to munch to keep them full. Most venues offer “suppliers” meal – it can be substantial sandwiches or pasta dishes which costs considerably less. And for their beverages, serve water or soft drinks, not alcohol.