Fund Bill

Creating, presenting and touring new work requires funding.  This is especially crucial in realms of art that exist unhindered by the strictures of commercial viability.

Project expenses include: Time required to compose new work, recording + production costs, hiring other professionals (musicians, engineers, publicists etc), presentation, travel and touring to promote new work.

In addition to the time and expenses directly related to the above ventures, there are numerous administrative tasks that require time and effort: Booking concerts/tours, promoting new releases, applying for grants/residencies and website maintenance.  These are just a few of the myriad tasks assigned to the 21st century artist.

Being the recipient of several grants, residencies and fellowships has enabled Bill to complete numerous projects.  These resources are typically applied to a specific project.  This type of funding is much needed and appreciated. However, it’s not always a feasible model for the multiple ventures in which Bill may be engaged at any one time.  Your support and partnership in pursuing Bill’s unique and varied musical vision is key to it’s success.

Your financial contribution will be applied to any of the above-mentioned aspects of creating and presenting new work.  As a donor, you may also request that any funding you provide be applied to any number of specific projects in which Bill is involved.

All donations are processed via paypal.  If you prefer to use another method of donating, contact Bill via the contact page to make arrangements.

In addition to donations, you can hire Bill to play acoustic guitar for both private and public events, to teach private lessons (in person or online) or lead workshops in schools of any grade-level. Visit the hire bill page for more information,

You can also commission Bill to create music for your project.  Send proposals with budget information via the contact page.

With your support you receive a gift that correlates to the support level that works best for you. (You also can waive the gift, if you prefer.)  Customized gift packages are available for any donation amount that doesn’t appear on this page.

Thank you for supporting contemporary art and music!

Support levels:

Level 1 – $50 or less

A hearty thanks for your support

Level 5 – $300-399

3 new or existing release (CD/LP/cassette/download) – check for availability of existing titles

Level 8 – $750-999

Bill will record a unique improvisation and create a one-of-a-kind LP or CD with original artwork.  Bill will retain 1 copy and you will be the sole owner of 1 copy.

Level 9- $1000-1499

10 new or existing releases (CD/LP/cassette/download) – check for availability of existing titles

Donate whatever you like!

Any donated amount is greatly appreciated.